Chinese company ZTE redefines the lead after successfully completing 6G network key tests.

Chinese company ZTE redefines the lead after successfully completing 6G network key tests.

It requires several years to build a new network. For instance, while 4G was made available to the general public in 2009, 5G wasn’t introduced until 2019. In actuality, cooperation between various companies is necessary for the advancement of mobile networks. A mobile network’s top technology is primarily American. S. Chinese or European. To get to the next generation mobile network sooner, businesses from these areas must follow. But everyone is aware of what happened with the 5G network. China took the initiative while the U. S. didn’t think it was funny. Former President Trump occasionally expressed openly his rage that American businesses were not doing enough. the U. S. There will be a break in some areas of cooperation due to the ban on several Chinese companies.

Most U. S. even European businesses are unable to collaborate or exchange ideas with Chinese businesses. Due to the ban, this has happened. They must therefore perform independent work. Because of this, the 6G network’s development might require more time. But once again, China is dominating the 6G network, much like it did with the 5G network. A 6G key tech concept sample test was organized by the IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group under the direction of the MIIT.

ZTE participated in five 6G network tests.

ZTE actively participated in the 6G group’s execution of a variety of tasks during the test. It participated in the investigation and research of 6G-related technology. The business spent a significant amount of money and labor on this test. Additionally, it participated in and carried out all five of the concept sample tests. Included are.


  • Digital twin network and 6G distributed autonomous network concept sample.
  • A key technological concept for a 6G network.
  • 6G terahertz key tech concept illustration.
  • a key tech concept sample for the integration of 6G communication.
  • 6G intelligent metasurface technology concept sample.

In the tests, the business had excellent outcomes. Additionally, pertinent technical indicators show strong operations and performance. ZTE’s network sample was connected to the system for verifying network planning scenario in the 6G distributed autonomous network and digital twin network concept sample test. It finished the entire voice and text verification process. The access network digital twin network capacity test was passed by the twin sample. Additionally, it passed the comparison to the access network’s digital twin network. It additionally passed the access network digital twin network prediction capability test.

Positive test results for ZTE.

The ZTE sample completed the testing of the computing network insight in the sample test of the key technological concept of the 6G computing power network. The tests for the computing power routing function in the bearer network environment based on the SRv6 architecture are completed by this. According to the findings, the business performed well in the computing network insight function test. The ZTE solution offers real-time visibility into network data such as connection, delay, and flow rate. It also provides computing power data like CPU and memory occupancy rates. It supports real-time power schedules and the capacity to select a network path for strategy in the computing power routing function test.

ZTE uses an electronic THz system sample that can support 2 x 2 MIMO in the 6G terahertz (THz) key tech concept sample test. It supports outdoor long distance transmission for real-time communication. The spectral efficiency is also greater than 7bit/s/Hz.


ZTE adopted a millimeter-wave synesthesia-computing-control integrated test device for the key technological principle of 6G communication-sensing integration. While sensing and receiving were separated by various antenna panels in the AAU, it only uses one AAU. The communication terminal transmitted the separate signals it had received while sensing. One of them has a decimeter level of distance accuracy. Additionally, it can successfully position and track UAVs over a distance of 1 km. Additionally, it has a capacity that matches GPS in the device.

ZTE sample demonstrated base station and RIS coordination in the sample test of the 6G smart metasurface technology. Additionally, the controllability of the beam is achieved. When RIS is turned on, the measured point has increased when compared to when it is off, and it can now reach a maximum of 30dB.

Ericsson will contribute millions to UK 6G network research.

China is already testing key 6G technology prototypes, but Europe and the U. S. investing nonetheless. Ericsson will reportedly invest millions of pounds in UK 6G network research, according to recent reports. Additionally, the business will collaborate with numerous universities in the areas of hardware security, artificial intelligence, cognitive networks, and quantum computing. In terms of mobile network technology, Ericsson is a pioneer. After firing Chinese companies, the U.S. S. focused on Nokia and Ericsson. The ten year plan, according to Ericsson, will direct the creation of next gen. 6G networks According to reports to date, 6G networks will be available for purchase around 2030.

According to Katherine Ainley, CEO of Ericsson UK and Ireland, “We will create a team of 20 top-tier researchers in the UK and also fund students.” The security of the 6G network and hardware will be the initial focus. According to reports, some U.S. universities K. agree to assist. The list will include the Universities of Bristol, Surrey, and Manchester.

She asserts that the new research team will supplement Ericsson’s 17 current research sites located in 12 different countries. The UK’s telecoms sector was given “enormous trust” by Ericsson, according to the British government, who made the statement. She continues by saying that the nation will soon release a strategy for the advancement of 6G technology.

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