Cardi B has taken to social media to celebrate her latest victory after a jury tossed out a man’s accusation that his photo was used on her Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 cover without his permission.

According to Reuteurs, after the four-day trial, which kicked off on Tuesday (October 18), jurors deliberated for a few hours on Friday afternoon (October 21) before handing their decision to the judge. They concluded that the cover to Cardi B’s 2016 mixtape did not violate plaintiff Kevin Michael Brophy’s rights to privacy.

Brophy was seeking $5 million in damages for not only the unauthorized use of the photo, but the embarrassment he claims the “raunchy” image caused.

The Bronx rapper (real name Belcalis Almánzar) shared the news with her fans shortly after the decision was handed down. “I just won this lawsuit …Im soo emotional right now [happy cry emoji] …I wanna kiss Gods feet right now,” Cardi tweeted. “IM BEYOND GRATEFUL!!!!”


This wasn’t the first time Cardi B got emotional during this short trial. On Wednesday (October 19), she got into a heated exchange with Brophy’s attorney Barry Cappello, with tensions becoming so high the judge threatened a mistrial.

On two separate occasions during the hearing, Judge Cormac Carney dismissed the jurors from the Santa Ana, California courtroom in an attempt to quell the bickering. The second time, the judge told Cappello he had “totally crossed the line” and threatened to declare a mistrial.

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